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  • <font size="3"><b>AMC Grand Chief Derek Nepinak presents his Resource Equity position to the Manitoba Business Council</font></b>
  • <font size="3"><b>Southern Chiefs' Organization Chiefs in Summit, Brokenhead First Nation, May 1st, 2012</font></b>
  • <font size="3"><b>Eagle's Nest Aboriginal Youth and Recreation Centre Spring Graduation, April 26th, 2012</font></b>
  • <font size="3"><b>Manitoba Chiefs issue Court challenge relating to Provincial Police Services Act</font></b>
  • <font size="3"><b>Grand Chief Nepinak speaks at Manitoba Heavy Construction Association Expo</font></b>
  • <font size="3"><b>AMC Acting Grand Chief Deborah Chief, Chief of Brokenhead Ojibway Nation at unveiling of "Off Limits" Billboard </font></b>
  • <font size="3"><b>AMC Grand Chief Nepinak makes submissions to Senate Committee regarding Bill S-6</font></b>
  • <font size="3"><b>Newly Elected AFN Regional Chief Bill Traverse with AMC R.S.P. Co-ordinator Bartley Harris, Long Plain First Nation, 2012</font></b>
  • <font size="3"><b>Elder Elmer Courchene speaks on Political Unity at the 2012 General Chiefs Assembly, Long Plain First Nation</font></b>
  • <font size="3"><b>2012 General Chiefs Assembly & AFN Regional Chief Election, Long Plain First Nation</font></b>
  • <font size="3"><b>2012 General Chiefs Assembly & AFN Regional Chief Election, Long Plain First Nation</font></b>
  • <font size="3"><b>Welcome to the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs</font></b>
  • <font size="3"><b>Grand Chief Derek Nepinak speaks at Family Violence Forum</font> </b>
  • <font size="3"><b>Chief Betsy Kennedy, Chief Jimmy Thorassie and Elijah Harper at January 11th AMC Planning Session</font> </b>
  • <font size="3"><b>Sleigh Ride for Lake St. Martin Kids on Roseau River First Nation Lands at Highway 6</font> </b>
  • <font size="3"><b>The Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs hosts 2011 Pancake Breakfast</font> </b>
  • <font size="3"><b>Keewatin Tribal Council Chief's Annual Assembly</font> </b>
  • <font size="3"><b>Shoal Lake I.R. #39: Protest at the Legislature</font> </b>
  • <font size="3"><b>Grand Chief Nepinak Speaks on Resource Equity</b></font>
  • <font size="3"><b>Rolling River First Nation: Live Forward Youth Gathering</font></b>
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Sounding Our Voices (SOV) National Aboriginal Women’s Summit   The inaugural Sounding Our Voices (SOV) National Aboriginal Women’s Summit (NAWS) III Shadow event kicked off in the rotunda of the Aboriginal Centre at 181 Higgins Avenue in Winnipeg, Manitoba on November 1st, 2012.  Read the Full Story
Fisher River Pow Wow Most recently, AMC Grand Chief Derek Nepinak visited the Fisher River Cree Nation during their annual Treaty Days and Pow Wow. Read the Full Story
Celebrating One Year in Office SUMMARY OF GRAND CHIEF DEREK NEPINAK’S FIRST YEAR IN OFFICE AS THE LEADER OF THE ASSEMBLY OF MANITOBA CHIEFS Since my election as Grand Chief of the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs (AMC) in July 27, 2011 I have focused my energies on my Renewal Strategy which consists of four key components all of which are critical to realign the organization to implement this strategy. The four key components include governance, health, citizenship and re-establishing our resource equity. Read the Full Story
Grand Chief Derek Nepinak in Ebb and Flow First Nation               AMC Grand Chief visits Ebb and Flow First Nation On June 5th, Grand Chief Derek Nepinak accepted an invitation from Ebb and Flow Chief Nelson Houle, to attend the community's band meeting on Suicide Prevention. A member of AMC's Youth Secretariat, Leonard Sumner, GCO Senior Advisor Wally McKay and Chief Communications Officer Sheila North Wilson also attended the meeting. Read the Full Story
Ottawa Trip Producing Results Over three days in mid May, the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs(AMC), Grand Chief Derek Nepinak went to Ottawa to meet with 10 high level officials to talk about opportunities and challenges facing First Nations people in Manitoba.  Many of the discussions included flood evacuees from Interlake First Nation communities and those around Lake Manitoba.  Read the Full Story
UN Special Rapporteur's Visit to Manitoba First Nation Communities The Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs (AMC) was happy to hear the UN Food Envoy's preliminary comments on its trip around Canada. Read the Full Story
Sagkeeng’s Finest – Pride of Manitoba   Grand Chief Derek Nepinak, Brandon, Dallas  Courchene, Vince O'Laney and Grand Chief Shannacappo With great pride for our First Nations youth, the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs, without hesitation emphatically endorses the fine young men known as Sagkeeng's Finest for the competition, Canada's Got Talent competition. Read the Full Story
AMC Files Challenge to Provincial Policing Agreement Eugene Wood, Chief of St. Theresa Point First Nation Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs files court action against the Federal and Provincial Governments to restrain the Attorneys General of Canada and Manitoba from implementing the Provincial Police Services Agreement (PPSA). Read the Full Story

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