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About The Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs

The Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs (AMC) was formed in 1988 to act as an advocate on issues that commonly affected all of the First Nations of Manitoba.  At the time when AMC began, there were 61 recognized Manitoba First Nations consisting of 64, 315 First Nation citizens.

Today, there are 64 First Nations, with a total of 136,616 (May 2011) First Nation citizens making up 11% of the provincial population.  AMC’s primary focus is political but will also fill in gaps that cannot be bridged by regional services.  Two examples are the Eagle’s Nest, which helps First Nations youth return to school, and the Patient Advocate Unit which helps First Nations patients navigate Manitoba’s  health care system.  

On a national front, AMC works closely with the Assembly of First Nations which collectively represents the political interests of the 633 First Nations across the country.


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