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The Mission, Vision and Mandate of the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs

Mission Statement:


The mandate of AMC, is through the Chiefs-in-Assembly, to devise collective and common political strategies and mechanisms for coordinated action by First Nations and their organizations to:


  • Promote, preserve, and project Aboriginal and Treaty rights for First Nation people in Manitoba;

  • Preserve and enhance the rights and freedoms of First Nations in Manitoba as distinct peoples;

  • Strengthen and restore the foundations of First Nations cultures, traditions, languages, economies, and societies;

  • Affirm First Nation rights as peoples to exercise and practice self-determination and self-government;

  • Protect the integrity and authority of each First Nation’s customs, laws, and practices; and

  • Preserve and enhance the role and equal participation of First Nation women within political, economic and social spheres of 

    First Nation governments and organizations.

For the greater certainty, the AMC will function as a political coordinating entity only on the common issues and strategies mandated by the Chiefs-in-Assembly and not as a program and service delivery entity.


The AMC will support specific First Nations issues as mandated by the Chiefs-in-Assembly. 


Vision Statement: 

  • To ensure respect of our culture, our diversity, our independence and our distinctiveness.

  • To practice tolerance, consensus and strive for harmony.

  • To unite our strength to maintain our security, traditions and nationhood.

  • To utilize domestic and international means for the promotion of the political, economic, spiritual and social advancement of our peoples.

  • To join together our First Nations in political unity and solidarity for the collective advancement of our peoples on issues of common interest.

  • To improve the quality of life among our people. 



  • To protect our First Nation governments from further encroachment and to prevent any action by any Nation, group, jurisdiction or government from violating the integrity and freedoms of self-determination and from violating individual and collective rights of First Nations.

  • To reaffirm our belief in the sovereign equality of Nations and the fundamental rights of First Nation peoples.

  • To seek justice for the obligations arising from our International Treaties.

  • To promote and ensure social progress, harmony and the quality of life among our peoples. 



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