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Chiefs of Manitoba



Michael Sewap

Barren Lands First Nation
Brochet MB, R0B 0B0
323-2300 323-2275
Jackie Everett Berens River First Nation
Berens River MB, R0B 0A0
382-2161 382-2297
Nelson Bunn Birdtail Sioux First Nation
P.O. Box 22,
Beulah MB, R0M 0C0
568-4540 568-4687
Frank Abraham
Black River First Nation
O'Hanly MB, R0E 1K0
367-4411 367-2000
Roland Hamilton Bloodvein First Nation
Bloodvein MB, R0C 0J0
395-2148 395-2099
James (Jim) Bear Brokenhead Ojibway Nation
P.O. Box 180
Scanterbury MB, R0E 1W0
766-2494 766-2306
John Thunder Buffalo Point First Nation
P.O. Box 1037,
Buffalo Point MB, R0A 2W0
437-2133 437-2368
Irvin Sinclair

(Oxford House First Nation)
P.O. Box 235
Oxford House MB, R0B 1C0

538-2282 538-2220
Clarence Easter Chemawawin Cree Nation (Easterville)
Box 009,
Easterville MB, R0C 0V0
329-2161 329-2017
Catherine Merrick
Cross Lake Band of Indians (Pimicikamak Cree Nation)
P.O. Box 10
Cross Lake, MB. R0B 0J0
676-2218 676-3155
David L. Pashe Dakota Tipi First Nation
2020 Dakota Drive,
Dakota Tipi MB, R1N 3X6
857-4381 857-9855
John Stagg

Dauphin River First Nation
P.O. Box 58
Gen. Del.,
Gypsumville MB, R0C 1J0

659-5370 659-4458
Nelson Houle Ebb And Flow First Nation
Ebb and Flow MB, R0L 0R0
448-2134 448-2305
David Crate Fisher River Cree Nation
P.O. Box 367,
Koostatak MB, R0C 1S0
645-2171 645-2653
Walter Spence Fox Lake Cree Nation
P.O. Box 369,
Gillam MB, R0B 0L0
486-2463 486-2158
David Albert Ledoux Gambler First Nation
P.O. Box 250,
Binscarth MB, R0J 0G0
532-2464 532-2495
Arnold Flett

Garden Hill First Nation
P.O. Box 261
Island Lake MB, R0B 0T0

456-2085 456-9315
Gilbert G. Andrews God's Lake First Nation
God’s Lake Narrows MB, R0B 0M0
335-2130 335-2400
Derek L. Bushie

Hollow Water First Nation
P.O. Box 2561
Wanipigow MB, R0E 2E0

363-7278 363-7418
James Plewak Keeseekoowenin Ojibway Nation
P.O. Box 100,
Elphinstone MB, R0J 0N0
625-2004 625-2042
David Traverse Kinonjeoshtegonm First Nation (Jackhead)
P.O. Box 210,
Elphinstone MB, R0J 0N0
394-2255 394-2305
Cornell McLean Lake Manitoba First Nation
Box 1250,
Lake Manitoba, MB, R0C 3K0
768-3492 768-3036
Adrian Sinclair

Lake St. Martin First Nation
P.O. Box 69
Gypsumville MB, R0C 1J0

659-4539 659-2034
Martin Owens
Little Grand Rapids First Nation
Box 129 or 130
Little Grand Rapids MB,R0B 0V0
397-2264 397-2340
Hector Shorting Little Saskatchewan First Nation
Box 98,
Gypsumville, Manitoba R0C 1J0
659-4584 659-2071
Dennis Meeches Long Plain First Nation
P.O. Box 430,
Portage la Prairie MB, R1N 3B7
252-3066 252-2588
Michael Yellowback Manto Sipi Cree Nation (God's River)
P.O. Box 97,
God's River MB, R0B 0N0
366-2011 366-2282
Andrew Colomb Marcel Colomb First Nation (Black Sturgeon)
Box 1150, Lynn Lake MB, R0B 0W0
356-2439 356-2330
Arlen Dumas

Mathias Colomb First Nation (Pukatawagan)
P.O. Box 135
Pukatawagan MB, R0B 1G0

553-2090 553-2419
Harold Turner Misipawistik Cree Nation (Grand Rapids)
P.O. Box 500,
Grand Rapids MB R0C 1E0
639-2219 639-2503
Jim Tobacco Mosakahiken Cree Nation (Moose Lake)
Moose Lake MB, R0B 0Y0
678-2113 678-2292
Marcel Moody Nisichawayasihk Cree Nation (Nelson House)
Gen. Del. Nelson House MB, R0B 1A0
484-2332 484-2392
Leo Dettanikkeaze Northlands Denesuline First Nation (Lac Brochet)
Lac Brochet MB, R0B 2E0
337-2270 337-2055
Ron Evans Norway House Cree Nation
P.O. Box 250,
Norway House MB, R0B 1B0
359-6721 359-4186
Eugene Eastman O-Chi-Chak-Ko-Sipi First Nation (Crane River)
Gen. Del., Crane River MB, R0L 0M0
732-2490 732-2596
Michael Constant Opaskwayak Cree Nation
P.O. Box 10880,
Opaskwayak MB, R0B 2J0
627-7100 623-3819
Chris Baker O-Pipon-Na-Piwin Cree Nation (South Indian Lake)
Box 13,
South Indian Lake MB, R0B 1N0
374-2271 374-2350
Michael Owens

Pauingassi First Nation
Box 60,
Pauingassi MB, R0B 2G0

397-2371 397-2145
Glenn Hudson Peguis First Nation
Box 10,
Peguis MB, R0C 3J0
645-2359 645-2360
Garnet Woodhouse Pinaymootang First Nation (Fairford)
Fairford MB, R0C 0X0
659-5705 659-2068
Charlie Boucher Pine Creek Anishinabe Nation
Box 70,
Camperville MB, R0L 0J0
524-2478 524-2801
Clifford Bruce Poplar River First Nation
Negginan MB, R0B 0Z0
244-2267 244-2690
Greg Harper Red Sucker Lake First Nation
Red Sucker Lake MB, R0B 1H0
469-5042 469-5966
Morris Swan Shannacappo Rolling River Anishinabe Nation
P.O. Box 145,
Erickson MB, R0J 0P0
636-2211 636-7823
Ken Henry Jr. Roseau River Anishinabe First Nation
P.O. Box 30,
Ginew MB, R0A 2R0
427-2312 427-2584
A/Chief Derrick Henderson Sagkeeng First Nation
P.O. Box 3,
Fort Alexander MB, R0E 0P0
367-2287 367-4315
Lance Roulette Sandy Bay First Nation
P.O. Box 109,
Marius, MB, R0H 0T0
843-2603 843-2706
Nelson Genaille Sapotaweyak Cree Nation(Shoal River)
Pelican Rapids MB, R0L 1L0
587-2012 587-2072
Ernie Bussidor Sayisi Dene First Nation (Tadoule Lake)
Tadoule Lake MB, R0B 2C0
684-2022 684-2069
William Miles Shamattawa First Nation
Shamattawa MB, R0B 1K0
565-2340 565-2720
Cameron Catcheway Skownan First Nation (Waterhen)
P.O. Box 106,
Skownan MB, R0L 1Y0
628-3373 628-3289
David McDougall St. Theresa Point First Nation
St. Theresa Point MB, R0B 1J0
462-2106 462-2646
Francine Meeches Swan Lake First Nation
P.O. Box 368,
Swan Lake MB, R0G 2S0
836-2101 836-2255
Michael D. Garson Tataskweyak Cree Nation (Split Lake)
Split Lake MB, R0B 1P0
342-2045 342-2270
Barry McKay Tootinaowaziibeeng Treaty Reserve
(Valley River)
Gen. Del., Shortdale MB, R0L 1W0
546-3334 546-3090
Betsy Kennedy War Lake First Nation
Gen. Del., Ilford MB, R0B 0S0
288-4315 288-4371
Alex McDougall

Wasagamack First Nation
P.O. Box 1
Wasagamack MB, R0B 1Z0

457-2339 457-2255
Melville Wabash Waywayseecappo First Nation
P.O. Box 9,
Waywayseecappo MB, R0J 1S0
859-2879 859-2403
Albina Brass

Wuskwi Sipihk First Nation (Indian Birch)
P.O. Box 220
Birch River MB, R0L 0E0

236-4201 236-4786
Ted Bland York Factory Cree Nation
York Landing MB, R0B 2B0
341-2180 341-2322

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